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POGO Interlink Nurse Cory Murphy's presentation on "School and the Impact of Childhood Cancer"

Learn about school-related issues and supports available during treatment and beyond for children diagnosed with cancer.

High School

Special Education Needs During and After Cancer Treatment

A Powerpoint presentation prepared by OPACC’s Education Committee that you can customize and use if presenting to your local school board’s SEAC to educate them on “Special Education Needs During and After Cancer Treatment”

Teacher and Student

Children with Cancer: A Guide for Educators

A practical guide developed by POGO Interlink Nurses for educators and administrators striving to support children and adolescents throughout their cancer journey.

Candelighters Simcoe.jpg

Candlelighters Simcoe School Support Program

Parents who are interested in learning how to support children with cancer and their siblings in the classroom, Candlelighters Simcoe has developed an excellent program that will help you do just that. On the link below, please find a copy of their School Program resource guide (copyright Candlelighters Simcoe) to give you ideas on developing a similar program for your school.

School Bus & Children

Helping Schools Cope with Childhood Cancer

Excellent free educational resource booklet (PDF format) offered by the Children's Hospital at the London Health Sciences Centre called "Helping Schools Cope with Childhood Cancer." This resource can be shared with educators and the school community to help them better understand childhood cancer and help students continue their education after a cancer diagnosis.



Here are some scholarship opportunities that we have found for childhood cancer survivors in Canada. If you know of any others, please email us at info@opacc.org and we will add them to this list!

Students at School


Parents and caregivers: Are you looking for another way that you can make a difference in the educational needs of children with cancer? Then consider applying to join your local school board’s Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC).

Back to School

School Reintegration Planning

Presentation about school planning during and after cancer treatment. To be used as a resource only. Presented by Dr. Dianne Maing for Candlelighters Simcoe parent support group meeting.

College Students

Making the Right Transition into College

The National Children's Cancer Society (a U.S.-based charity) has published this pamphlet to address the special needs of childhood cancer survivors that includes both traditional tips about navigating college life as well as specific recommendations for dealing with cancer-related health issues.

Barbara Coloroso's presentation on bullying

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