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Ontario Parents Advocating for Children with Cancer (OPACC), in conjunction with the Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation, invite you to participate in The Inside Ride, Canada’s original cycling celebration and fundraising event dedicated to raising funds for local children’s cancer charities supporting survivorship and quality of life in your community! Over the past decade, Coast to Coast has organized over 800 events and provides professional event planning and execution. Funds raised through an Academic Inside Ride event for OPACC at your child's high school will specifically benefit OPACC! The event also benefits the students by promoting awareness of childhood cancer, physical fitness, creativity, fundraising skills and teamwork.


What is the Inside Ride?

The Inside Ride is an indoor, stationary cycling challenge and celebration! Teams consist of 6 riders on a stationary bike each riding at a comfortable pace for 10 minutes to fun and fast-paced music while cheering each other on! There are also medals at stake for outstanding Top Team Fundraising, Best Team Costumes, Best Spirit, Top Mileage, and Top Male, Female and Volunteer fundraisers. Each team and team member raise donations through pledges, online and in-person. Team members have their own personal fundraising webpage to solicit fundraising donations, and fundraising tips are availble through the Inside Ride organizers. Teams are asked to raise a minimum of $300 (that’s just $50 per member on a team of 6).



What does the school need to provide?

The program is free of charge for the school! They will just need to provide an organizing committee, event space, launch assembly, volunteers, some supplies, and of course...the cycling teams!


How can I help?

In order to start an initial conversation with your child's high school about the possibility of hosting an Inside Ride event on behalf of OPACC, please let us know whom to contact and we will send them an information package. OPACC and Coast to Coast do all the work together with the school, all you as a parent need to do is put us in touch using the form below. Thank you!

Many thanks go out to the following schools that have already hosted successful Inside Ride events to benefit OPACC - will your school be next?


  • Marshall McLuhan Catholic Secondary School (Toronto)

  • Brebeuf College School (Toronto)

  • Kitchener Collegiate Institute (Kitchener)







































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