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Variation in risk for late mortality among pediatric cancer survivors can persist up to 20 years pos

Although all survivors of pediatric cancer face increased risk for death, the risk is reduced as survivors age through childhood and young adulthood, according to study results. Read more here:

Study of Pediatric Cancers Shows Strong Link Between Tumor Microdiversity and Prognosis

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – Measuring the microdiversity in the tumors of children treated with chemotherapy could help predict which kids are more likely to see their cancer progress and could potentially guide more personalized treatment strategies for at least some childhood cancers, new data has shown. Read more here:

Predominant Cancer in Children Gets Potential New Drug Therapy

Scientists at the Children’s Hospital Los Angles (CHLA) have developed a new and much needed treatment to combat drug resistance in the most common childhood cancer, acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). Read more here:

Immune system may play key role in viral therapy's effectiveness against tumors

Viral therapy for childhood cancer could possibly improve if treatments such as chemotherapy do not first suppress patients' immune systems, according to findings published today in the journal Molecular Therapy—Oncolytics. Read more here:

Cranial radiotherapy associated with increased risk of anterior hypopituitarism

In a retrospective review of over 700 childhood cancer survivors (CCS) treated with cranial radiotherapy, over 50% developed anterior pituitary dysfunction. A significant number of CCS who developed growth hormone and sex-hormone deficiencies were not recognized, leading to serious cardiovascular and musculoskeletal morbidities. Read more here:

New hope for families dealing with childhood cancers

Dr. Hao Zhu, Assistant Professor Children’s Research Institute at UT Southwestern, is researching how pediatric cancers develop on the genetic level. He’s pinpointed a gene that contributes to childhood cancers like neuroblastoma, Wilms tumor and liver cancer. Read more here:

Pain Squad App

Every year at SickKids, hundreds of kids are battling various forms of cancer. Pain is a common and distressing symptom of cancer and its treatment. A vital part of treatment is tracking the pain these kids experience. Patients and their parents are often asked to keep track of their pain in diaries to help health care providers better understand and treat their pain. In the past, this was done with pen and paper. But kids with cancer are not motivated to perform this unpleasant task. Read more here:

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