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Cancer survivor clinics linked to fewer emergency room visits

Specialized clinics for childhood cancer survivors may help reduce the odds these patients will need emergency medical care as adults, a Canadian study suggests. Read more here:

A child’s fight with cancer doesn’t end with treatment

Children tend to experience harsher side effects from radiation and chemotherapy because their brains and bodies are still growing. Read more here:

Childhood Cancer Devastates Family Finances, Too

Although money may be the last thing a parent worries about after a child is diagnosed with cancer, new research shows that a cancer diagnosis can take a significant toll on a family's financial well-being, too. Read more here:

Childhood cancer mortality decreasing, incidence increasing: StatsCan

A new report from Statistics Canada has found that childhood cancer mortality is decreasing, but the incidence of cancer is slowly increasing. Read more here:

The Lottery: You, Your Child, and Cancer

Mary Elizabeth's father gave her eulogy. I watched him, holding my breath. To the hundreds of us huddled together he said, "For those of you with children, you're in the lottery, and you better hope you never get called like we did." Read more here:

Childhood Cancer: 5 ways you can make a difference

Every day in North America the equivalent of a classroom full of kids are diagnosed with cancer. That’s every single day. Yet childhood cancer is under-acknowledged and research towards better treatments and outcomes for these kids is woefully under-funded. The good news is that everyone has the ability to make a difference in the lives of these children. Here’s how. Read more here:

Support for fast-tracking new drugs into clinical trials for childhood acute leukemia

Children's Cancer Institute, under the direction of Principal Investigator, Professor Richard Lock, Head of the Leukaemia Biology Program, has been awarded close to US$2 million for 5 years under the Pediatric Preclinical Testing Consortium (PPTC), created by NCI to prioritise and fast-track new drugs into clinical trials in children with aggressive cancers. Read more here:

Nanotechnology: A new way to treat kids' cancer

Because chemotherapy kills cancerous and normal cells, some children face long-term complications including learning problems, bone deformity and even secondary cancers. Dr. Raj Rajasekaran, a researcher at the University of Delaware, says using nanotechnology, or tiny particles, to deliver chemotherapy is where his research aims to help. Read more here:

Top 10 Parenting Tips: Childhood Cancer + Down Syndrome

Children with Down syndrome often face a magnitude of health related issues. Navigating through disability with additional special medical needs is challenging, especially when the additional medical needs can be serious. Read more:

Big breakthrough at UAE-funded centre in finding a cure for childhood cancer

Researchers at a UAE-funded medical research centre have made a major breakthrough in finding a cure for a common childhood cancer. Doctors at the Sheikh Zayed Institute for Paediatric Surgical Innovation in Washington have discovered a method to cure neuroblastoma tumours in mice. Read more here:

Genetics May Help Guide Kids' Cancer Treatment

When a child has cancer that resists standard therapies, the outlook can be grim. But a new study suggests that for some children, extensive genetic analysis can open up options. Read more here:

Childhood Cancer: Don't Look Away

I'm now aware of childhood cancer in a way I never thought I'd be -- from the front lines. It makes me realize how little awareness I truly had before my daughter got sick. Read more here:

The Mad Dash Towards September: Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

"Childhood cancer is not simply an issue for thirty days out of each year. Childhood cancer is a problem each and every day, even for those children fortunate enough to be labeled cured." Read more here:

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