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High Doses Of Common Chemo Drug Methotrexate Limit Relapses Of Childhood Leukemia

With a cure rate approaching 90 percent, acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), the most common type of childhood cancer, is one of the big "success stories" of modern cancer treatment. Yet up to 20 percent of patients with a high risk of relapse are not cured, which could change with the results from a clinical trial showing that high doses of the commonly-used chemotherapy drug methotrexate increases the survival rate for these patients. Read more here:

Precision medicine: is it becoming a reality for childhood cancer?

"What treatment options are there?" This is one of the first questions to enter the minds of parents whose child receives a cancer diagnosis. Of course, the answer to this question is dependent on the type of cancer that has been diagnosed. But for children with solid tumors, the answer may also one day depend on their genetic characteristics. Read more here:

The Reality of the End of Your Child’s Life

Emotions aside, here are some points to consider as your child’s life comes to an end. Read more here:

Children’s cancer research is often ignored. Make it a ‘moonshot’ priority

Cancer is the leading disease-related cause of death in children in the United States. Yet pediatric cancer is often left behind when it comes to funding research and developing new drugs. Not only does this give short shrift to children with cancer, but it also threatens to rob us of advances that could benefit cancer patients of all ages. Read more here:

SickKids will be implementing new hospital parking policy

Good news from SickKids! They have confirmed via the letter sent to OPACC (see below) that they will be implementing the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care's new hospital parking policy by October 1, 2016! They are currently seeking feedback from patients and families regarding parking at SickKids through this Parking Feedback page. On behalf of OPACC's families - thank you, SickKids!

Young Adult Cancer Survivors Hard Hit by Treatment Costs

The nearly 14 million cancer survivors in the United States face a long list of challenges resulting from long-term and late effects of cancer therapy. But increasingly, survivors face another adverse effect—financial toxicity, and young adult survivors are particularly hard hit. Read more here:

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