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Novel statistical method captures long-term health burden of pediatric cancer cures

Using a statistical method developed at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, investigators found that survivors of pediatric Hodgkin lymphoma not only have more cardiovascular conditions than adults who did not have cancer in childhood, but the problems are more severe. Read more here:

5 Ways to Make Travel Easier When Your Child Has Cancer

Traveling is fun but also stressful. When a child has cancer, it’s even harder. A little planning goes a long way in giving your family a trip they will always remember. Read more here:

Hope for less toxic drug for cancer babies

While children over age 12 months with a common form of leukaemia have a 90 per cent chance of being cured, many babies do not survive. Their small bodies cannot cope with traditional cancer treatments and they have different genetic and immune system features that make leukaemia more dangerous. Read more here:

Childhood Cancer Hijacks Cellular Quality Control System to Fuel Growth

A serious childhood cancer takes advantage of a quality control mechanism that usually protects cells from stress-induced damage to propel tumor growth, according to a new study led by researchers at UC San Francisco and the University of Pittsburgh. By blocking that mechanism, the scientists were able to kill cells derived from patients with rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS), a rare muscle-tissue cancer that affects a few hundred children in the U.S. each year. Read more here:

Canadian Cancer Society family transportation log sheet

It has come to our attention that this form is sometimes not easy to get a hold of, even though you need to fill it out in order to be reimbursed for transportation-related expenses through the CCS program. Here it is: Link to PDF For more information on the Canadian Cancer Society's programs to get help with transportation to your child’s cancer-related care, please visit:

Some adolescent cancer survivors may require more comprehensive mental health screening

Most adolescent survivors of childhood cancer have no reported psychological symptoms, but an analysis led by St. Jude Children's Research Hospital found that those who do often have multiple symptoms and distinct symptom profiles. Read more here:

Operation to allow cancer boy to be a father later in life

A six-year-old brain cancer patient has become one of the first boys in Europe to receive a state-of-the-art procedure which means he will be able to father children later in life. Read more here:

Study: Karate can help kids with cancer pain

A new study from Wayne State University School of Medicine found that Kids Kicking Cancer was effective for the vast majority of patients they studied. Read more here:

Talking to your Child about Death and More

Talking to our kids about their cancer can help them deal with hard issues like death, dying & more Read more here:

Kids & Cops Fishing event

Attention OPACC families! Million Dollar Smiles (MDS) would like to extend an invitation to OPACC families as their guest to attend this year’s Kids & Cops Fishing event in Caledon on July 19th! If you are interested, please register with OPACC here:

Pediatric cancer survivors at increased risk for endocrine abnormalities

Patients who survived pediatric-onset cancer are at increased risk for developing or experiencing endocrine abnormalities. Read more here:

Father’s smoking tied to childhood cancer, study shows

Smoking can cause DNA damage in sperm which is linked to a child’s risk of cancer, a new study has shown. Read more here:

Finding A Cure Wouldn’t Mean We’ve Defeated Cancer

While the summit is a first step toward the moonshot’s expressed goal of doubling the current rate of progress toward a cure for cancer, there has been noticeably little discussion among politicians, advocacy groups and other stakeholders of what curing cancer actually means. Read more here:

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