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For Kids With Cancer, Focusing on Quality of Life

Many people associate palliative care with hospice care, but medical professionals are offering it to children and adolescents living with cancer as well as to those dying from it. Read more:

NCI-COG Pediatric MATCH trial to test targeted drugs in childhood cancers

NCI-COG Pediatric Molecular Analysis for Therapy Choice (Pediatric MATCH) is a nationwide trial to explore whether targeted therapies can be effective for children and adolescents with solid tumors that harbor specific genetic mutations and have progressed during or after standard therapy. Read more:

Surprising genetic variety in childhood brain cancer

Scientists have identified new genetic alterations and mechanisms that lead to very aggressive types of childhood brain cancer. Their results will contribute to developing novel treatment approaches for previously incurable cancer cases and to targeting tumors more specifically. Read more:

The Adverse Effects of Sarcoma Treatment in Cancer Survivors

Infertility is a serious and common adverse event associated with cancer treatment. Research shows that 75% of patients with sarcoma, the third most common childhood cancer, express the desire to have children later in life. Read more:

US advisory panel endorses 'breakthrough' gene therapy for child cancer

An FDA advisory panel has unanimously approved a leukemia treatment that could become the first gene therapy approved in the US. The panel hailed the drug as a "major advance" in the battle against childhood cancer. Read more:

New potential treatment for aggressive types of childhood cancer

A combination of substances that impacts chemical modifications in the DNA of tumours and triggers the tumours to differentiate into harmless nerve cells could represent a new method of treating aggressive forms of neuroblastoma. Read more:

Childhood cancer - the emotional stages for parents

Hearing the doctor say the words “your child has cancer” will never be easy to hear. Parents go through several stages throughout this process much like the five stages of grief; denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. However, unlike losing a loved one suddenly, cancer can go on for several years with many highs and lows. This results in stages varying in timing, duration, and cycles. By acknowledging and understanding the possible stages you can better progress through the phases parents’ may go through. Read more:

First large-scale genomic analysis of key acute leukemia will likely yield new therapies

A consortium including St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and the Children's Oncology Group has performed an unprecedented genomic sequencing analysis of hundreds of patients with T-lineage acute lymphoblastic leukemia (T-ALL). The results provide a detailed genomic landscape that will inform treatment strategies and aid efforts to develop drugs to target newly discovered mutations. Read more at:

Toronto study sheds new light on source of relapse in acute myeloid leukemia

Researchers at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto have assembled the most convincing evidence yet that shows why a tenacious form of leukemia is prone to relapse and how the precise nature of the relapse can sometimes be predicted in advance. Read more:

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