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Childhood cancer survivors found to be at higher risk of mental illness

Most children with cancer in Canada now survive. But they're at greater risk of poor mental health outcomes, such as anxiety and substance abuse, according to a Canadian oncologist who was surprised at the extent of severe issues. Read more:

Tips for tough task of telling a kid they have cancer

Children are amazingly perceptive and often understand more than we imagine. Maintaining open lines of communication helps children, and their friends and siblings, grasp why things are happening to them, such as spending time in the hospital or taking medications. Read more:

Human eggs grown in lab for first time, creating hope for young females with cancer

For the first time, human eggs have been grown in a laboratory -- and the development could aid in the fertility of children undergoing cancer treatment, say researchers at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Read more:

Nonsurgical premature menopause affects fertility in female childhood cancer survivors

Women who survived childhood cancer faced an increased risk for nonsurgical premature menopause, resulting in lower rates of live birth for female survivors in their 30s, according to findings from the ongoing Childhood Cancer Survivor Study. Read more:

Childhood Pneumonia May Be Associated With Cancer Risk

Children who are hospitalized for pneumonia have a higher incidence of developing common pediatric cancers, according to a large Danish study published in BMJ. Read more:

Massage Eases Symptoms in Children with Cancer

Children with cancer who received massage therapy experienced decreased pain, nausea, stress and anxiety, along with an increase in white blood cells and neutrophils, according to a review of seven published studies on massage and childhood cancer. Read more:

Childhood Cancer Increases Likelihood of Unemployment as Adult

One out of 6 survivors of childhood cancer was unemployed, according to results from a meta-analysis of 56 studies conducted in the United States, Canada, Asia, and Europe. Read more:

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