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This Adorable Monkey Represents Fertility Hope For Male Childhood Cancer Survivors

University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine scientists announced a milestone Thursday in their efforts to preserve the fertility of young boys undergoing cancer treatments. The advance involves using cryopreserved testicular tissue to produce sperm for in vitro fertilization. Read more:

London mom files landmark complaint in child cancer research battle

In what appears to be a first in Canada, a London mom is taking on the federal health agency that funds cancer research, claiming age discrimination is damaging the country’s children and adolescents. Read more:

Childhood cancer survivors at high risk for skin malignancies

As adults, childhood cancer survivors have a 30-fold higher risk than the general population of developing common skin malignancies known as basal cell carcinoma, a Dutch study suggests. Read more:

A Huge Amount of Children Worldwide Are Dying From Cancer For a Bitterly Sad Reason

A new study estimating childhood cancer has revealed a worrying trend - nearly half the kids in the world who get cancer, including many from Asia and Africa, might never get properly diagnosed – and that means they never get any treatment. Read more:

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