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Surviving Childhood Cancer: A 20 year reflection

In part one of his engaging life reflection, Dr. Ted Sibley recounts his early years as a teen unexpectedly hit with a cancer diagnosis. Twenty years later, he's still feeling the effects.

Read more here: https://cancerkn.com/childhood-cancer-survivor-story-part-1/

In Part Two of his engaging life reflection, things are looking up for Dr. Sibley. He falls in love and chooses a career in medicine, then the unthinkable happens.

Read more here: https://cancerkn.com/childhood-cancer-survivor-story-part-2/

In Part Three of his engaging life reflection, Dr. Sibley is forced to come to terms with the fact that cancer is never over, but will be a part of his and his family's life forever. Find out how he and his wife found a happiness they never could have imagined.

Read more here: https://cancerkn.com/surviving-childhood-cancer-20-year-reflection/

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