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Submit your story for the Big Book of Care CCAM campaign!

This September, OPACC will once again be partnering with The Big Book of Care ( for a national childhood cancer awareness month campaign.

To that end, that Big Book of Care has asked its partner organizations for help in creating a campaign that will be heavily content-based, featuring the stories, photos and videos of our families via social media and then directing viewers to read the whole story at the (similar to the "Humans of New York" initiative which you can see here: The goal is to have a story per day for the entire month of September.

We are reaching out to our OPACC families who may be interested in having their stories featured in this special campaign to submit a story along with one or more photos (photos can include child, siblings, and/or parents - including the experience of the whole family undoubtedly enriches rather than detracts from the narratives we are building) to accompany the story as soon as possible (by this Friday would be great)!

Please know that it’s alright to be real, to be raw and to be vulnerable, if that’s how you are feeling. You can also be funny or light or whatever is there for you. Don't worry too much about the format of the story, as Big Book of Care will be cleaning them up, fixing typos, and pulling sections for social media. They will be cutting and pasting snippets of stories for Facebook and Twitter posts to get people reading, but they will direct people to the Big Book of Care website for the whole story.

Let’s take Canada by storm with our stories! We have such incredibly powerful stories and such resilient, powerful kids and families who go through so much. Let’s let the world know about their struggle, so they know why we need their support now. Thank you!

Please send your stories and photos through email at and we'll get them to the Big Book of Care! Stories and photos submitted will also be permanently posted on the OPACC website at:!faces-of-opacc/c1skn and may be used for OPACC's marketing and promotional materials.

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