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Give Blood


Dominic (Brampton)

Did you know...? A child with cancer needs the help of 5 blood donors to support their care. A child with leukemia needs the support of 8 blood donors a week. Every donation can make a lifesaving impact on a child cancer patient!

OPACC is proud to be a Canadian Blood Services "Partner for Life" and you can now join our team when donating blood/plasma to help us reach our goal of at least 25 donations this year from OPACC supporters!

If you've never donated before and are curious about how it all works and why it matters, take a look at our video presentation by a Canadian Blood Services representative below:


Please see the poster below for instructions on how to join our team when booking your appointment. Just click on the poster and you will need to login or create an account to join the team. If you have any questions or would like help with creating your own team to donate in honour or in memory of someone you love, please reach out to or DM.


Special Event

We are aiming to get a group of at least 10 people to join us for an OPACC blood drive in honour of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (September) in Barrie, Ontario on Saturday, September 30th from Noon-1pm! See poster for details and click on it to join our team (you'll need to login or create an account to proceed). In partnership with the Canadian Blood Services chapter in Barrie, we are expecting media out to cover this event and raise awareness about this very important month as well as about the importance of  donating blood on behalf of the children fighting cancer and needing these lifesaving blood and blood products. Please join us!

OPACC QR poster for Sept 30th-page-001.jpg
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