Donate directly and securely through CanadaHelps - every dollar counts! Here are just some examples of how far your donations can go:


Can help provide two families with an OPACC tote bag

Your donation will provide two childhood cancer families with an OPACC tote bag that they can use to help organize their already frazzled lives. This sturdy canvas bag can hold their OPACC binder where they can keep their child's vital healthcare information accessible and organized, any of the myriad amount of information and resources that they receive as a newly diagnosed family, toys, and anything else they need to carry around with them both in and out of the hospital. Just another practical gift that OPACC gives freely to families to help ease and organize their lives at a difficult time!


Can help treat parents to a meal break while discussing their hopes, fears, and concerns with our Parent Liaisons

Treat a childhood cancer parent to a much-needed meal or coffee break with our Parent Liaisons to discuss their hopes, fears, and concerns. Parents of sick kids are often mentally exhausted spending 24 hours a day in their child's room and can use a much needed break once in a while to speak with another parent who has been there and understands their situation. This donation helps you treat a parent to a meal or coffee break, but please remember that this is more than just a meal or a coffee! It is a chance to talk to a professional and parent who has already undertaken a childhood cancer journey and understands the impact a diagnosis has on the entire family.


Can help provide a package of detergent pods for families to do their laundry while staying at the hospital

Did you know that OPACC provides free detergent pods for childhood cancer families to do their laundry while staying with their children at Sick Kids hospital in Toronto? This is one more practical way that we seek to relieve an additional burden for families. Families who stay long-term at the hospital while their children are being treated for cancer still need to do some regular household tasks, and the laundry is chore is one of them. We provide free detergent so families don't have to have yet another out of pocket expense on top of parking, taking time off work, etc. that comes with being at the hospital for their child. Childhood cancer families are caretakers of children and thus have no choice but to stay at the hospital as long as is necessary for their child to be better.


Can help provide an OPACC "Sharing Hope" book to a newly diagnosed family
OPACC's "Sharing Hope" book provides newly diagnosed childhood cancer with inspirational stories of hope and courage to help them on their childhood cancer journey. In its pages, you will find stories and photos showing what hope looks like from the many vantage points of families who have been affected by childhood cancer. The families who have contributed to this volume have chosen to include themselves to honour their children and their inspiring stories; on every page, the families included here want to show others that, no matter what, they are smiling, hopeful, loving, and persevering. Our Parent Liaisons give out free copies of this book to newly diagnosed families. Your donation helps OPACC provide a book and HOPE to a newly diagnosed family.


Can provide a daily coffee service for our hospital drop-in parent support groups

Stressed parents know that it's more than "just" a cup of coffee. It helps many get through their day. It's an icebreaker that helps start conversations with our Parent Liaisons and other parents. It's an opportunity for socialization and to make new connections in what can sometimes feel like an overwhelmingly isolating experience. It helps to make our drop-ins the welcoming and comforting environments they are. Help OPACC continue to provide our coffee service - which includes not just Starbucks coffee, but also tea and treats - for our families. With the addition of new staff, we are also expanding to provide this FREE service every day.



Can help provide an OPACC binder for four families to keep their children's important health records

A diagnosis of childhood cancer creates incredible stress in a family, who are simultaneously bombarded with all kinds of important information and resources on their child's disease and treatment. OPACC provides these binders free of charge to newly diagnosed families so that they can keep their child's vitally important health records and other useful resources that they collect throughout their child's illness in an organized, portable, and easily accessible place. Your donation will help us provide a binder to four newly diagnosed families to help them with organization management during an incredibly stressful time in their lives.


Can purchase a hospital parking pass for a family with a child in treatment.

The OPACC Hospital Parking Program seeks to relieve some of a family's financial burden by reimbursing families the cost of one 5-use "H-Pass" (value $50) at SickKids (Toronto) or one 5-day parking pass (value $50) at McMaster Children's Hospital (Hamilton).


Here are some examples of how your donation can help (ANY amount is greatly appreciated!):

- A donation of $50 would provide a parking pass for 1 family

- A donation of $100 would provide parking passes for 2 families

- A donation of $300 would provide parking passes for 6 families

- A donation of $500 would provide parking passes for 10 families

- A donation of $1,000 would provide parking passes for 20 families


Can help provide a newly diagnosed family with a resource kit, including tote bag, detergent, Sharing Hope book, health tracking binder, and gift cards (i.e. gas, food, groceries, coffee, etc.).


Can fund one week of Parent Liaison Support services to families in hospital.

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