Gold ribbon pin

Join OPACC's most loyal supporters by becoming a monthly "OPACC Hearts of Gold" donor! To show our gratitude to our monthly donors for their committed support, we are offering these great exclusive benefits:


  • OPACC pen

  • A beautiful gold ribbon enamel pin - a great conversation starter on childhood cancer awareness ($10 value)! (Additional pins are available for purchase at our Shop)

  • A copy of our "Sharing Hope" book, where you can find stories and photos showing what hope looks like from the many vantage points of families who have been affected by childhood cancer ($25 value)! (Additional copies are available for purchase exclusively at our Shop)

  • You will feel like a champion for helping to support kids with cancer and their families (value: priceless)! 

Please give at whatever level you are able to afford - whether it be $5, $10, $15, $20 a month or more, no amount is too small to make a big impact!

Monthly donations are an easy and convenient way to give back - just set it and forget it! Knowing that we can count on ongoing donations enables us to better plan our activities and become more effective in reaching our goals, and having your support as a monthly donor can help us reach those goals faster. Lower fundraising costs also mean more money going directly to programs and services.


Read about just some of the OPACC families that you are helping us support in our "Faces of OPACC" feature and read Testimonials from real OPACC families to learn about the impact of our work.


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Sharing Hope book