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OPACC Holiday Sponsors


Below is a listing of registered OPACC Ontario childhood cancer families that need a little extra help this year with Holiday gifts! You can read each listing and if you would like to sponsor a gift for a family, please click on their Amazon Wishlist link to select a gift and have it shipped to them. The families are listed by location if you would like to support a local family in your community.  Check back often as we will keep adding more families!

Businesses are also welcome to be corporate sponsor for a family in your community - either for one big gift or an entire wishlist!

  • Please note that families are free to list whatever they want on their wishlists, and OPACC does not dictate what they can and can't include. Wishlist items can range from $1 to $1,000+ to suit every budget.

  • Families are aware that nobody is obliged to buy them anything and there are no guarantees that they will receive any gifts.

  • OPACC does not receive any funds from this initiative, and all gifts are sent directly to the families and not to the charity, therefore you will not receive a charitable tax receipt for these gifts. If you would also like to donate directly to OPACC to get a tax receipt, please visit our Donations page.


If you would like to contact a family for more information about their request, please contact us at with your question so we can forward it to them!

Here are some facts about how a family's finances are affected by a childhood cancer diagnosis:

  • About one-quarter of families of children being treated for cancer lost more than 40 percent of their total household income, while one-third experienced housing, energy or food insecurity within 6 months of diagnosis (source: Dana-Farber/Boston Children's Cancer and Blood Disorders Center)

  • Families of children with cancer incur an average of more than $28,000 in costs in the first three months following a child's diagnosis (source: Canadian Cancer Action Network)

  • Over 80% of families' total cost of illness was associated with family members (especially mothers) forgoing their employment and other unpaid activities to provide care; over 50% of mothers reported relinquishing their employment (source: Tsimicalis et al.)

  • Caregivers typically lose 23% of their workable hours; parents with children who have cancer face higher loss of income and out-of-pocket costs – in part because parents must accompany the child to hospital or appointments (source: Canadian Cancer Action Network)


Thank you!



Angus: Frangella Family

Domenic was 5years old when he was diagnosed with leukaemia (ALL). He went through many years of chemotherapy treatments and medications and is now done his treatments. He is now 12 years old and trying to get back into life with his twin brother Peter, his 2 younger brothers Antonio and Nino, and grateful parents. Thank you!

Barrie: Jacob's Journey

Making steps everyday to a cancer-free life. Jacob has been accepted to Georgian College in the fall and would love help with school items.

Bobcaygeon: Paisley Power

Paisley was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia just before her 2nd birthday. She had completed 3 years of treatment and was in maintenance when we found out she had relapsed. It was found during a routine lumbar puncture. She had a bone marrow transplant in October of last year. We had banked the cord blood from her sister's birth in 2021 and they were a complete match. Her little sister also donated some fresh marrow and on October 3rd 2023 Paisley received her new cells. It has been a long journey for our family but Paisley started SK this year and absolutely loves school. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts as we try to navigate life after transplant and prolonged loss of employment and absences. Trying to give our daughters a nice Christmas after a hard year post transplant.

Brampton: Bujjigadi Family

Initially it was a painful journey to see what my 2 year old kid was going through [leukemia]. Now we are used to it, and he is doing good now, and happy. We endeavoured to follow the spiritual path to take off the emotional pain. We are grateful to SickKids, POGO members, and Credit Valley [Hospital] staff. Wish you Happy Holidays!

Brampton: Dominic's Journey

Dominic was only 5 years old when he was first diagnosed with medulloblastoma (cancerous brain tumor). After a 4.5-hour surgery to remove the tumor, 6 months of chemotherapy (that caused permanent high-frequency hearing loss), and 4 months of rehabilitation to learn to talk and walk again (a side effect from the surgery), he was happy to enjoy life again with his brothers and cancer-free. In 2021, when Dominic turned 13, it was heartbreaking to hear that he relapsed. Dominic had to have another 4-hour surgery to remove the tumor, complete 6 weeks of daily radiation on his brain and spine over the Christmas holidays, and 6 months of chemotherapy. Now that he beat cancer twice, his wishes to be cancer-free forevermore and celebrate Christmas with his brothers and family.

Brampton: Together We Make A Beautiful Family

It's been tough times but all the best wishes from friends and family gave us strength to come back. Our 7 year old boy has successfully defeated the cancer. He is now cancer FREE! We wish good luck to all the families who have been going through tough times. Just believe in yourself, have faith in God, and remember "Every cloud has a silver lining."

Brantford: Jennings Family

Our family has had a very long and exhausting time dealing with this very serious health condition. It affects every member of the family and it has caused us a lot of sleepless nights, a lot of pain, and it’s also cost us financially. We struggle every day with the doctor visits, hospital admits and loss of time to bond as a family unit. We struggle with missing time with friends due to having to spend time in the hospital or just down days where we’re not able to do things that normal people do. It’s very difficult to make plans to go out and do things because we never know what’s going to happen and how the medical situation will affect what we have planned to do. Because of this our lives are really one day at a time just trying to deal with each painful episode as it happens. My daughter was diagnosed at a very early age and we’ve tried to help her to understand the seriousness of her life-threatening condition, we tried to help her to cope with the daily medications and pain, and the impact that has on her emotional and social life. It’s really heart wrenching for us to watch her in this condition. As a parent I’ve felt helpless not being able to wave a magic wand and solve it for her. It’s very hard on her siblings having to watch her deal with emotional and physical pain and to see her as she struggles to live a normal life. It’s hard on her missing her siblings when she admitted in hospital. We really try to keep her positive through this journey. Especially when faced with such financial difficulties because of the situation and especially during the holidays. We would like to be able to get things and do more things but of course the financial stress and impact in our family makes it very difficult to enjoy the holidays. The children are so understanding so we just want to give them something to look forward to the end of the year and we’re really hoping that our family can come together and try to have a somewhat normal holiday together. Hopefully there’s calm in the medical situation so we all will be able to enjoy this special time together.

Cambridge: Joel's Story

Joel was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma in June 2022 after 3 weeks of intensive testing. Thankfully after 5 chemo sessions he was in remission and has been for a year! We also found out that Joel has one kidney that only functions at 24%, he will be having surgery in the future. He is an amazing kid who is so resilient and brave.

Cobourg: Hendrix's Story

Hendrix, at the age of 3, was on February 24, 2023 diagnosed with B-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. It has been a hard, challenging 10 months with chemotherapy treatments, living two different times at Ronald McDonald House in Toronto for over a month. Spending 3 times a week in day hospital for 6 hours for chemo. Just recently on November 28th, 2023, just 14 days into maintenance, Hendrix had a severe case of Diabetic ketoacidosis which was an absolute shock to us that this happened. He spent 2 days at SickKids proving he's a fighter. Hendrix has now just recently been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes  and has added a chapter to his story. I really would like to make this Christmas extra special for him, and I need help to do so. Please and thank you.

Guelph: The Nirankari Family

Sophie was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in 2017 and has been fighting cancer since then. She has been through countless numbers of chemo, immunotherapy, radiation, and bone marrow transplant. She recently relapsed in August for the third time and going through treatment. This journey has been hard but we are surrounded by amazing people like you who are always standing by us! Thank you so much for what you do for families like us.

Lindsay: Mighty Myrella

Myrella is a happy-go-lucky 6 year old who is excited for Christmas. She went through 9 months of intensive inpatient chemo in 2022 and although she is now in remission, she recently underwent surgery to remove her left kidney. Since she had a nephrostomy for months and is currently healing, she has only attended school twice this year and missed all of last year due to treatment. Her family is grateful for any help through what they hope is the last major hurdle for Myrella’s recovery. Merry Christmas!

Mississauga: Arjan's Family

My baby boy was born with a scab under his ear. When he was only two weeks old, after an MRI we learned he had a tumor (sarcoma). After having two biopsies, they are still not able to find out the exact type of sarcoma. He is the first one to have these type of cells so there is no proper protocol of medicine. Doctors are just trying their best. Since he was born, Arjan has been on chemo. He is 13 months now and this is the 3rd different type of chemo doctors are trying. Surgery is also very complicated as it will damage his facial nerve. We are just hoping and praying that one day he will be fine.

St. Catharines: The Fodors

My middle child was diagnosed with MPAL PH+ July 2022 just after her 8th birthday. She's extremely sensitive to chemo and has had her regimen changed 4 times now and has yet to complete a full cycle before maintenance. She ended up with a hole in her bowel leaving her with an ileostomy. She currently has a drug-resistant fungus that's stopping full blown chemo, so our options are slim unfortunately. It has been an emotional rollercoaster for our family for over a year now. Feel free to follow her page "Izabelle's Leukemia Journey" for updates. Thank you for reading.

Scarborough: Ali Family

Ayaan was 5 years old when he was diagnosed with cancer in 2013. He had a big mass of tumour on the back of his head of which 25% was removed with surgery. He has been on treatment for the past 10 years to reduce and control the remaining. He has been very strong and patient throughout his long journey. There is still no end date to when this journey will end. Fingers crossed it will be soon. He is a big guy (15), the eldest and has 4 siblings.

Toronto: Chelsea's Story

My daughter's name is Chelsea. She is now 17 and she’s been fighting ovarian cancer/germ cell tumor since she was 14. She has done numerous surgeries, chemo, a bone marrow transplant, and she’s still healing. She’s a strong girl, a warrior, a fighter, and we will continue to fight till we beat this. Thank you in advance for the help.

Utterson: Owen’s Tribute

Owen was diagnosed with a very rare form of brain cancer. It all started with a headache. Just before Christmas, Owen was diagnosed with geoblastoma. The doctors gave Owen a month to live at the very most. He had a resection surgery then started chemo/radiation therapy and...Yes it came back, but now not only in the brain but on the spine as well and now inoperable. Then the head oncologist at SickKids Toronto came to us and offered Owen an experimental drug that has never been used in children before. Owen and family agreed that Owen try this, it was the only option. Owen took to the drug but he didn’t like it. As with chemo and rads he was always lethargic and didn’t want to do much. However after about a month on the new experimental drug, it showed that Owen's tumours were shrinking. Owen has paved the way for this new experimental drug to help other children.

Woodstock: Freitas Family

At the age of 2, Keiran was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma. Through 3 relapses, 3 chemotherapy regimes, and 6 surgeries, Keiran is in remission. We are so proud of him and his sister Rebecca for the bravery and strength they shared during this time. Thank you!

Woodstock: Rachel's Journey

Rachel was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma brain cancer 3 days after her 8th birthday. What followed was multiple brain surgeries, 8 weeks of radiation to the brain and spine, and many years of chemotherapy. This journey has been a long road that affects the whole family. Your new "normal" is never quite the same as before. Rachel has been hit with every single after-effect of the cancer-saving treatments, which has altered and affected every single part of her smaller body. She has even had a secondary growth near the thyroid and now it is believed that she may have developed liver cancer (currently undergoing many tests and seeing even more doctors to determine the course of treatment). We keep putting one foot in front of the other, and take it day by day. Rachel, Emely, and Melodie would like to send Christmas wishes to each and every one of you, Blessings!

Apsley: Jaxon's Story

Jaxon was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma when he was just shy of 4 years old in 2021. He went through a grueling battle including a surgery to remove his tumour along with a good portion of his collarbone. Throughout his fight he stayed happy and positive! He was always having dance parties with the nurses and making everyone he could smile at the hospital (within COVID restrictions of course!) We were so incredibly excited when he beat it! Unfortunately less than a year later Jaxon's cancer traveled through his bloodstream, and a tumour had grown on his lungs. He again underwent treatment, this time with a study drug along with chemo. This round was a lot harder. Jaxon was angry, and tired. But, the strong boy he is he beat it again! He is now 9 months in remission and 7 years old! It's been a terrifying journey that is far from over, but has made us so strong! I want this year to be special for Jaxon, as he spent too many so far in the hospital. But I need help to do that! Any help is appreciated beyond belief!

Borden: Alderson Family

In 2020, Axel was born 3.5 months premature and was in the NICU for 7 months after he was born. When he was 18 months old we noticed a lump in his abdomen. His father took him to the emergency room and he was admitted for testing. The next day, we were told we would be meeting with the general surgery and oncology team. My husband called me (I was at home with Axel's 2-week-old baby brother) and we were informed that he had an 8cm tumour on his liver and that he needed a liver resection surgery immediately. On Sept. 1, 2021, Axel went for surgery and has 1/3 of his liver and gallbladder removed. On Oct. 31, 2021, he was discharged from the hospital after his 2nd and last round of chemotherapy, Nov. 17, 2021, he was officially cancer-free! Since then he moved to Ontario from Alberta and is a happy, healthy thriving little boy. He has faced numerous challenges and surgeries in his life due to prematurity, cancer and other health issues but he never lets any of that slow him down!

Brampton: The Amy Family

Malakai was first diagnosed with Stage 4 Rhabdomyosarcoma in August 2021 a few days shy of his 9th birthday and given less than 3 years. He received treatment for about 2 years which included 42 weeks of chemotherapy, 38 days of radiation, 3 surgeries and multiple blood transfusions. Somehow he has defied the odds and is currently in remission. He remains very high risk of relapse and is closely monitored by multiple teams and is now facing multiple surgeries and lives with permanent physical limitations. The financial burden of ensuring our son is cared for, on top of supporting our eldest child with severe disabilities, and a younger child has been significant. Our children are resilient and we will never give up! Any support is greatly appreciated. Thank you for helping us make this Christmas special.

Brampton: Carter’s Story

In May 2022, at 4-years-old, Carter was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). The day we learned about his diagnosis, our world turned upside down. Our sweet and funny little boy who loves to wear superhero costumes, build Legos, and play outdoors with his friends was not able to complete his school year in junior kindergarten due to his chemotherapy treatments. After months of medical procedures and appointments in hospital, Carter has finally reached the maintenance phase of his cancer journey. Throughout Carter's treatments, his positive attitude has never wavered, proving what a strong, brave and fierce little boy he truly is. His journey (our family's journey) continues. More About Carter: He loves playing with Legos & video games. Super Mario Bros, Paw Patrol, and Plants vs Zombies are some of his favourites. Carter loves to swim and play basketball when he’s not learning in Grade 1!

Brampton: Ruhi's Christmas List

Ruhi was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor named Medulloblastoma in April 2023. She had a long journey of all treatments starting with surgery, radiation, rehab, and chemotherapy. November 23rd 2023 was her last day of chemo, after which my doll will be back to her normal life. It breaks my heart to see her go through all this but at the end her smile fades away all the memories we have had in these last few months. These gifts will surely add to her smiles, thank you so much!

Brantford: Gunner the Warrior

Little did we know "Gunner" would be so true to it's meaning for our little "Warrior". We chose this name early into pregnancy despite not knowing gender. Gunner has been a "Battler" since birth, constantly putting up a fight with health issues and unfortunate life circumstances. In Spring 2022, a nasty cold was going around preschool that he just couldn't seem to kick. A trip to the doctor turned into an admission to McMaster Children's Hospital, where Gunner was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. He is in the final (yet longest) stage of treatment and kicking cancer's BUTT! Gunner looks forward to "ringing the bell" at the chemo clinic, and starting kindergarten next fall. Friends have always been important to G, being an only child in treatment has definitely had its lonely moments. Despite all of this, he is constantly making jokes and has the nurses laughing - even during port access which isn't exactly a funny time! It is hard not to smile being around our strong warrior. He is a constant reminder to always keep going no matter how tough life may be!

Cambridge: Daytyn's Family

Daytyn was diagnosed in 2017. He had months of chemo plus 2 bone marrow transplants. We thought this would have been the end, however he developed cGVHD which has caused this battle to continue. Most recently we are warring with mass weight loss causing severe malnutrition with no reason at this time - this has had me off work since September hence why I'm here.

Cobourg: Sammy’s Journey

Samantha was a happy, healthy 13 year old in 2022 enjoying life and playing hockey. Her life turned upside down when she was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma and had to lose her right leg in order for the cancer to stop spreading. Fast forward to 2023 - Samantha has finished her treatment is in the process of getting used to her prosthetic leg. We are forever grateful to everyone at SickKids that we still have Samantha with us. Whenever she smiles it means the world to us. Our trooper - never complaining, beautiful Samantha.

Elmira: Kiya’s Journey

Kiya is the sweetest, happy, and cuddly little girl. She just celebrated her first birthday in September. She unfortunately was diagnosed with retinoblastoma at just 8 months. Her time as a baby over this summer was spent in and out of the hospital for chemo. She did not get hardly any time to be a child. Unfortunately she lost her right eye to this cancer, and it had to be removed. She continues treatments every couple of weeks for her remaining eye with constant trips back and forth to Toronto.

Kitchener: Ava’s Journey

Ava was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma in December 2020 when she was 10 years old. It was a complete shock to us all, as it is for all families. She quickly started chemotherapy and then radiation to fight this large tumour in her pelvis and metastasis in her lungs. She finished treatment in August 2021. She continues to be monitored by doctors. We are grateful for every moment we have together!

London: Quinn's Story

Quinn was not quite 2 when she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. We have watched her become the strongest person we had ever known. She has fought tirelessly through chemo doses, lumbar punctures, infections, and surgeries, all with a smile on her face and trust in that it would be okay. Her infectious laugh touches everyone that knows her. Quinn enjoys playing with her dogs and cat, school, spending time dancing and singing, and video games. Thank you for putting smiles on the OPACC children's faces this Holiday season. Merry Christmas!

Ottawa: Benji Superhero

My adorable 4.5 year-old son (he'll be 5 in January), Benjamin (Benji) Jason-Alboim, is now in remission for life-threatening, rare cancer (hepatoblastoma liver cancer). Benji was diagnosed on his first birthday. My husband, Jesse, has also had cancer himself. Because Benji's and Jesse's immune systems are compromised, and because of the COVID pandemic, we had been mostly isolating at home for a long time, so Benji was unable to go to preschool, socialize, or go out much to have fun. He is beyond excited (but also somewhat anxious) to have started junior kindergarten this Fall! Benji has been an absolute superhero - bravely fighting cancer and the side effects of surgeries and harsh chemotherapy (some of which are unfortunately long-term/permanent, including some permanent disabilities and some delays), and all the stress and upheaval with my husband's health, while being the most fun-loving, charming, engaging, sweet, affectionate, adventurous, curious, quirky, and hilarious little boy. He's also been even more resilient this year, as we've been out of our house since the summer, displaced by a severe flood. We haven't been working due to the cancer struggles for both Benji and my husband, so we would be incredibly grateful for anything.

Sarnia: Ben’s Story

In 2021 Ben was diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of eight. He has spent the past two and a half years receiving treatment at London Children’s hospital. Ben is now ten and an incredible kid who has remained positive and hopeful though all he has been through. Ben loves soccer, dance, Lego, Pokémon, reading, and hanging out with his three brothers. Our family has felt the financial strain of traveling back and forth for treatment and taking leaves from work to be with Ben. Any help this Christmas season is much appreciated.

Sharon: Amazing Alice

Alice was diagnosed with brain cancer at 10 months old. She has been through so much at such a young age, like the majority of children with cancer. She started 17 months of chemotherapy and a trial drug at 2. The stress and trauma caused her to be diagnosed with severe PTSD. Alice is now about to turn 5 years old and is on a much-needed break from treatment. She just started SK in October and loves school, playing with her sisters, and being outside.

Timmins: Terry Family Journey

The end of holiday back to Canada in 2017 was turned into a sad journey when Sophia ("Ney") developed a fever for a couple days. We forced ourselves to go back to Canada, and were terrified flying home not knowing what Ney had. As soon as we landed in Toronto the next day, we took Ney to SickKids and we received the shocking news that Ney had cancer. It changed our world and life. We had to stay in Toronto (Ronald McDonald House) for a couple of months. After years of ongoing treatment, we started to get back to our normal life. However in 2020 during the pandemic, Ney's cancer returned, and here we are again battling the cancer for a couple of months. We thought we will go back to normal again finally, but unfortunately the disease still wants to return to Ney's body. Ney got diagnosed again for a third time recently in October 2023 and will do a bone marrow transplant in mid-December. We hope and pray all this cancer will leave us behind and we are praying that the treatment is successful.

Toronto: SuperJoey's Journey

Hey there! Thank you for your support! I'm Joey, but my friends call me SuperJoey. When I was little, like just before I turned two, I got sick. My neck had a bump, and the doctors said it was Stage 3 lymphoma. That meant I had to go to the hospital a lot for almost two and a half years to have strong medicine. But you know what? My mom and dad say I'm super strong! They call me SuperJoey because I fight hard every day. They even made me an Instagram page so everyone can see how awesome I'm doing! If you would like to follow me here is my link. Thank you so much for being a big part of my journey. Your help means a lot to me and my family. You're a superhero too for helping kids like me feel better! Big thanks and lots of hugs, SuperJoey.

Whitby: Ray Ray's Story

Our story started in 2019. I knew something was wrong and it sure was. My son was 6 and losing his hair for no reason. Why did he have a lower grade fever and nobody could figure it out? Hodgkin's Lymphoma at age 6. Because of the tumour, our journey brought us to Florida for treatment because SickKids couldn't help. He is in remission now with the power of medicine and God and our treatments are slowly beginning to get shorter, but still pokes and tests every few weeks. My boy is strong and we hope his lungs continue to stay strong. We have had more scars this year and issues from the chemo that he got. We have been through a lot and back in for more than routine checkups has not been easy on him or his little sister, who has been as strong as she can be. Parking, food, and the emotional costs all add up. I am beyond grateful to OPACC. My family and I appreciate the support during the Holidays especially.

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