Bereavement counselling

Various organizations throughout Ontario offer bereavement counseling and support:


Professional counselling

  • Candlelighters Ottawa: For individuals, couples and siblings, professional counselling services are offered at any time in the child's cancer journey

  • Children's Mental Health Ontario: CMHO’s nearly 100 member organizations operate in every region of the Province, providing treatment and support to children, youth and families. Not specific to childhood cancer.

  • Everwell Integrated Health Professionals (Hamilton): Provide psychotherapy, counselling, massage and holistic nutrition services. Recommended by Board Chair (bereaved childhood cancer parent), who had positive personal experience with them.

  • HopeSpring (Kitchener-Waterloo): Offers an on-site Cancer Care Counsellor who provides counselling to those affected by cancer (one-on-one counselling, couples counselling, family counselling, child(ren) with parent(s) and caregivers counselling)

  • Wellspring: Offers free counselling services at their Niagara Falls (child/teen counselling; short-term individual counselling) and Oakville (family counsellor who specializes in family support when a child has cancer) locations

Parenting Through Crisis

Lecture from OPACC's 2019 AGM. Presented by Barbara Coloroso, internationally recognized speaker, author, and parenting educator.

Post Traumatic Stress in Parents of Children with Cancer

Presentation from OPACC's 2015 AGM. Presented by Tina J. Smith, RSW

Post Traumatic Stress in Survivors of Paediatric Cancer and their Siblings

Presentation from OPACC's 2018 AGM. Presented by Tina J. Smith, BSW, MSW, RSW. You can click the "View" button to view and listen to the presentation (it starts at 1:51), and click photo to download the presentation slides.


Psychosocial Assessment Tool (PAT)

Learn about the PAT, why it's important to address the mental health needs of families of children with cancer, and how you can help make it widely available.

PTSD & Therapy Websites

Courtesy Tina J. Smith

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