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Olive (Duntroon)

Children with Cancer: Enhancing Nutrition

February 2021 presentation by SickKids Clinical Dietiticans Katie Nieuwhof and Julia Celestini

Presentation recording

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SickKids Resources

Trusted nutrition resources from SickKids

Optimizing Nutrition for Children with Cancer

Presentation from OPACC's 2017 Annual General Meeting. Presented by Rivanna Stuhler, RD.

Paeds & Parents Nourish

Nutrition is often a major concern both during, and following, cancertreatment. Most parents have concerns about what their children are eating and want them to have all the right nutritional components in their diet. When a child is diagnosed with cancer, appetites wane or increase, tastes change due to treatment or symptoms, weight increases or decreases. It becomes increasingly challenging to help your children eat well. Wellspring has designed a special Nourish program aimed at helping you and your children with healthy eating, while still having fun in the kitchen. To find your local Wellspring centre, click the button.

When Your Child has Cancer: A Guide to Good Nutrition

Guide published by the Canadian Cancer Society and recommended by dietitian at Sick Kids

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