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In order to establish new groups in more areas of Ontario, OPACC provides training sessions for new Parent Facilitators.


Who can attend this training?

These special one-day training sessions are for parents of a child with cancer or volunteers or professionals working with parents of children with cancer who are interested in enhancing their leadership and facilitation skills in support of new or existing childhood cancer parent supports.

What is the cost?

The cost is $30 for OPACC parent members (it's free to join!) or $100 for healthcare/other professionals.

How often are these training sessions offered?

Typically once a year.

Where are these sessions held?

In the GTA, although we may consider offering them elsewhere in Ontario and/or through webinars in the future as time and resources permit.

Is childcare available?

No, please make your own childcare arrangements.

What is provided to attendees?

A resource materials binder, reimbursement for parking, and lunch will be provided.

What are my next steps after taking the course?

For those interested in starting a new group, certification requirements also include a practical component. Trainees will be connected with a local support group and required to volunteer 6 hours (attending approx. 3 support group sessions) within 6 months after completing the training session in order to gain practical experience in the field to complete their certification. Alternative arrangements will be made to accommodate those for whom distance is a challenge. This requirement will be waived for Healthcare/Other Professionals and those who already run their own established groups.

How do I register?

We will announce via social media, on our website, and to our members via e-mail when registration opens for a new session. At that time, all the information will be provided to register. Registration may be paid online (via Paypal or bank e-transfer).

What options are available for those who can't attend in person?

Although we highly encourage you to attend an in-person training sessions, we also offer our training materials online on a case-by-case basis. Please discuss your needs and goals with us prior to requesting the materials. Also, please read the following disclaimers which you must agree to before receiving the materials. If these conditions are agreeable to you, please contact us for further information on receiving the materials.

1 – The material is intended for individual educational use only and may not be reproduced or distributed, in whole or in part, by any media, without the prior written permission of Ontario Parents Advocating for Children with Cancer (OPACC).

2 – The material is intended as an educational supplement to OPACC’s Parent Facilitator Training session, and not as a substitute for taking the session in-person whenever possible. The materials included are a guide to help potential Facilitators get started on their goal, however, OPACC highly recommends that potential Facilitators attend an in-person training session for proper and complete training and certification whenever possible.

3 – If you decide that you wish to proceed with establishing your own support group after reviewing this material, you commit to regularly communicating with a mentor assigned by OPACC to guide and support you through the process of establishing your own group. If geographically possible, you commit to completing 6 volunteer hours (approx. 3 support group sessions) with the support group nearest you to gain practical experience in the field. 

4 – If you decide that you wish to proceed with establishing your own support group after reviewing this material, you commit to doing so as an OPACC-supported group under our umbrella of community-based parent support groups.


5 - If you decide to start your own group, you may be contacted by OPACC to mentor other parents who are interested in starting groups in your area or supporting your group in the future (while helpful, you are under no obligation to do this).

What topics are covered in the session?

View our most recent agenda here to get an idea


  • “The best part was sharing ideas and stories with each other and also the amount of knowledge and experience that the trainers had.”

  • “The whole concept of being a facilitator was very well explained. […] The limitations were explained very well as well as what boundaries should be maintained.”

  • “I now feel equipped to provide support to parents that I will interact with throughout my professional experiences, and be able to offer my skills to provide support to the parents individually or as a group setting if the need arises. I feel confident to have this knowledge piece on how to provide parent support in the circle of providing family-centered care throughout my work.”

  • “I found the whole day to be very educational.”

  • “Interactive and informative.”

  • “I’m looking for an opportunity to give back – this excellent workshop has given me some wonderful information and practice to be able to try to help others.”

  • “It was all valuable – very applicable to day-to-day life. Excellent skills development.”

  • “Had lots of fun!”

  • “Excellent presenters, very knowledgeable – open and easy-going"

  • “It’s a well-organized training, every part is so perfect!"

  • “Wanted to learn how to start/manage a group. I learned just that.”

  • “With what I learned today, I am ready to be a facilitator, knowing what I can do and what I should do.”

  • "I found the day very organized, appreciated the clear agenda and binder. The Facilitators were also very approachable and open to questions."

  • "I found that the class was run very well! Very informative. Always gave us opportunities to ask questions or add feedback."

  • "It was great to learn new specific skills to enrich my life as a professional and as a parent who belongs to a group."

  • "The tools that were presented today I feel will help me to be a support system for someone with a similar experience."

  • "It’s made me re-think how to support parents going through medical issues and gave me lots of ideas how to support in a different way than imagined."

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