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Kamin Education Centre students make "Kinder Kits" for cancer families

On June 4, 2013, Grade 4 students at the Kamin Education Centre campus of Associated Hebrew Schools of Toronto made "Kinder Kits" as part of Project Giveback, where students choose a charity to present to their class about and organize a "fun raiser" for the charities that the whole class can participate in. Samuel and his partner Noah decided to create "Kinder Kits" to donate to their respective charities of choice, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada (LLSC) and the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS). The kits are bags containing art supplies (pencils, erasers, activity books, crayons, scissors, rulers, etc.) and notes of encouragement from the kids who created the kits that can be donated to anyone in need of cheering up. Samuel's mom Patricia contacted Lucy Di Carlo at the LLSC to let them know about the project, and Lucy kindly contacted our Parent Liaison, Susan, to ask if their kits can be given to OPACC to distribute to families of children affected by blood cancers at our Sick Kids drop-ins. Needless to say, Susan was very pleased to take the kits and has already started distributing them at the drop-ins, where they have been a big hit with families!

Many thanks to:

  • Samuel and Noah, and their moms Patricia and Caline, respectively

  • All of the students in their Grade 4 class at the Kamin Education Centre that helped put together these kits

  • Lucy Di Carlo at the LLSC for contacting Susan to donate their kits to our families

View the photos below:

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