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Old drug, new hope for pediatric brain cancer

Some drugs for heart disease might also work against brain cancer, according to an analysis by researchers from the Jackson Laboratory (JAX), Connecticut Children's Medical Center (CCMC), and UConn Health. The researchers used a new approach to identify five heart medicines that might also be effective at fighting the most common type of childhood brain cancer, they report in the Oct. 24 edition of Science Translational Medicine. Read more:

How To Survive Your Child’s Cancer Diagnosis

A child getting sick is every parent's worst nightmare, but by keeping vigilant and accepting the support of others, you and your family can get through this. Read more:

Future Fertility: Giving Hope to Men Who Received Childhood Cancer Treatment

Researchers have discovered a way to grow human stem cells destined to become mature sperm in an effort to provide fertility options later in life to males who are diagnosed with cancer and undergo chemotherapy and radiation as children. Read more:

Researchers ‘shocked’ to see how often experts misdiagnose certain brain tumors in kids

Traditional methods of diagnosing certain brain cancers in children are deeply flawed, a new study shows. As a result, some children with these particular rare tumors have been getting the wrong diagnoses and, in some cases, the wrong treatment, the researchers say. Read more:

New study discovers inhibitors of protein linked to the devastating childhood brain cancer DIPG

Scientists at The Institute of Cancer Research, London in collaboration with a team at the Structural Genomics Consortium in Oxford (SGC) have created a new series of compound that could form the basis for drugs that target the devastating childhood brain cancer diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, or DIPG. Read more:

Blood test biopsy for kids with brain tumors is simple, safe way to see if treatment is working

A new blood test for children with brain tumors offers a safer approach than surgical biopsies and may allow doctors to measure the effectiveness of treatment even before changes are identified on scans, according to research led by UCSF Benioff Children's Hospitals and Children's National Health System. Read more:

New research findings could give pediatric brain tumors a one-two punch

New research published today in Nature Communications shows that, in a severe childhood brain cancer called medulloblastoma, a single signaling pathway underlies the tumor’s ability to do both. The pathway may be a good target for new cancer treatments. Read more:

World's first trial of new three-part children's cancer treatment

The study, involving doctors and cancer scientists in Southampton, America and Germany, will boost the body's immune system to kill off neuroblastoma, one of the most common childhood cancers. Read more:

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