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OPACC's James Thomson joins CCAN Membership Engagement Committee

From the September 2012 CCAN newsletter:

CCAN Membership Engagement Committee begins its work

The recently formed CCAN Membership Engagement Committee, chaired by Annette Martin, will begin to move work forward in the coming weeks. With a mandate of developing a strong membership engagement model to guide the organization forward, the committee will also focus on the implementation of a sustainable framework that fosters and promotes member engagement. Through dialogue with members, the committee with explore and pursue opportunities to proactively engage both associate and council members in the work of CCAN as we advance our agenda in 2012-2017. Currently comprised of CCAN council members and CCAN staff, the committee will be joined by new members of the Associate Membership Program: Jessica Hacker (Fertile Future) and James Thomson (Ontario Parents Advocating for Children with Cancer).

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