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Ukrainian Christmas meal at Tuesday night drop-in

Attendees to OPACC's Tuesday night drop-in on January 15th were treated to an authentic Ukrainian meal consisting of beet soup, perogies, cabbage rolls, mushroom sauce, rye bread and sour cream to celebrate Ukrainian Christmas. This meal was done in honour of an out-of-town Ukrainian family whose child is in treatment at the hospital and who are currently staying at the Ronald McDonald House. The family usually celebrates both Christmases but were going to miss this one because of their stay in Toronto.

Thanks go out to our Parent Liaison, Susan, and our drop-in volunteer John Pasternak, for making this happen! John arranged this meal through his caterer and by all accounts the food was delicious and there were no leftovers. Many thanks to Ivanka at Baby Point Lounge catering for generously donating the food! Our gratitude is also extended to Starbucks for providing the weekly treats and coffee for the drop-in!



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