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Study provides new details about therapy-associated polyposis in childhood cancer survivors

In a paper published online today, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute researchers provide new details about a recently discovered condition in which childhood cancer survivors develop numerous colorectal growths called polyps despite not having a hereditary susceptibility to the condition. Read more:

Childhood brain tumor discovery potentially unlocks new treatments

Researchers at the University of Virginia School of Medicine made a discovery about a rare form of childhood cancerous brain tumor, medulloblastoma, suggesting a new treatment approach for it, and potentially others. Read more:

Cure for childhood cancer may come at the cost of premature aging

"Data show that more than 80% of children with cancer will survive beyond 10 years, joining the growing number of childhood cancer survivors as treatments have evolved over the past several decades. However, as the first generation of these survivors reaches middle age, clinicians have begun to witness the long-term consequences of these lifesaving treatments." Read more:

Science Is Helping Kids With Cancer Preserve Their Future Fertility

With pediatric cancer survival rates on the rise, long-term fertility has become a hot topic, and more hospitals are offering cryopreservation of ovarian and testicular tissue for kids. Read more:

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