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Job posting: P/T Parent Liaison

Parent Liaison (Part-time $20.29 p/h) Ontario Parents Advocating for Children with Cancer is currently seeking a part-time Parent Liaison to work from the Hospital for Sick Children up to 10.5 hours per week. Purpose: As a key representative of OPACC, the primary purpose of the part-time Parent Liaison is to assist families of children with cancer based out of the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Ontario. Working up to 10.5 hours per week (including some evenings and weekends), this individual will develop a sustained relationship with our full time Parent Liaison, families, and the health care teams as appropriate. The Parent Liaison will work as a “guide post” for families to empowe

Victorian High Tea & Fun Fair Event

IMPORTANT UPDATE 8/31/17: Unfortunately due to low registration numbers, this event has been cancelled OPACC families are invited to attend this very special FREE event for kids with cancer! This event is being organized by Elizabeth Fairley with the help of her community of Cobourg, ON. Elizabeth is a grandmother who has terminal breast cancer and wants to give back with the precious time she has left. Her love of all things Victorian has inspired her to organize this fantastic experience for children with cancer. OPACC families can register here: Please read this flyer for more information: A more detailed event schedule can be found here: You can rea

OPACC recruiting volunteers for Spartan Race Canada

Would you like to volunteer at a world-class event AND help OPACC at the same time? Our partners at the Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation (CTCACF) have offered OPACC an exciting new partnership opportunity! Coast to Coast has partnered with the world-famous Spartan Race Canada, who are looking for volunteers for their Toronto-area event taking place at CFB Borden from September 8-10, 2017! Spartan is looking to recruit many volunteers for the race and there will be lots of fun roles to fill and some special perks and swag as a thank you, including a free race entry, t-shirt, lunch & snacks, and more! Volunteers will be tasked with a variety of jobs, such as obstacle enforcement, build

Better treatment for high-risk children’s cancer shown in major trial

Children with a high-risk, deadly form of neuroblastoma will benefit from a treatment regime that improves survival and reduces side-effects, following the publication of a major European trial. Read more:

Doxorubicin, cyclophosphamide in childhood increases risk for second malignancies

Patients who received doxorubicin for childhood cancers faced an increased risk for breast cancer and solid tumors later in life, according to researchers in the Netherlands. Read more:

Study shows how tech like Fitbit and Facebook could help childhood cancer survivors stay healthy

We’re all familiar with Facebook and Fitbit — they’re convenient technologies that make our lives a bit easier. But scientists at Seattle Children’s Research Institute are hoping those technologies could help solve a very specific need: helping childhood cancer survivors stay healthy. Read more:

Cancer survivors struggle with mental health issues

While the debilitating effects of cancer treatment are well documented, patients also struggle with mental health issues. Read more:

Cancer treatment during childhood linked to cognitive problems later in life

Young adults who had chemotherapy as a child have decreased cognitive flexibility and a weaker short-term memory. Their ability to concentrate and long-term memory are largely unaffected. Researchers from KU Leuven (University of Leuven) and University Hospitals Leuven present these findings in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. Read more at:

5 Things for Parents to Consider When Communicating with their AYA With Cancer

A cancer diagnosis, the treatment process, and the transition from cancer patient to cancer survivor brings a host of challenging changes with which AYAs need to deal. In the midst of these challenging changes, AYAs are trying to grow up. This combination of changes and transitions makes it critical for parents and guardians to be aware of how important communication is, and how necessary it is to consider the needs of AYAs, as well as what will be most beneficial to AYAs’ development, when communicating. Read more:

CVD Risk Factors Identified in Long-Term Survivors of Pediatric Cancer

Cardiac radiotherapy at doses of 10 Gy or higher increases cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk in a dose-dependent manner among long-term survivors of pediatric cancer, investigators reported at the 2017 American Society for Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting. Read more:

Childhood Cancer Survivors Now Living Healthier Lives

For people who battled cancer in childhood, the prospects for a long life without cancer recurrence or chronic illness are better than ever, a new study finds. Read more:

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