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OPACC recruiting volunteers for Spartan Race Canada

Would you like to volunteer at a world-class event AND help OPACC at the same time? Our partners at the Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation (CTCACF) have offered OPACC an exciting new partnership opportunity!

Coast to Coast has partnered with the world-famous Spartan Race Canada, who are looking for volunteers for their Toronto-area event taking place at CFB Borden from September 8-10, 2017!

Spartan is looking to recruit many volunteers for the race and there will be lots of fun roles to fill and some special perks and swag as a thank you, including a free race entry, t-shirt, lunch & snacks, and more! Volunteers will be tasked with a variety of jobs, such as obstacle enforcement, building the course and festival area, registration desk, merchandise sales, start & finish line operations, bag check, and kids race operations. Here is a link to the volunteer FAQ:

For every volunteer position that OPACC fills, Coast to Coast will designate up to $250 per person back to OPACC (up to a maximum of 15 volunteers)! You can sign up to volunteer for only 1 day (OPACC will receive $125) or for both days of the event weekend (OPACC will receive $250).

In order to ensure they can track where the volunteers are coming from you will need to:

If you have any questions please contact us at Thank you!

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