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Support OPACC by purchasing The Little Grape That Could wine

OPACC is thrilled to announce that we have entered into a wonderful new partnership with The Little Grape That Could, a non-profit wine company founded in Toronto by a dedicated team of volunteers that gives 100% of profits from the sale of each bottle of their critically-acclaimed wine to a charity of a consumer's choice. OPACC is now listed as one of the charities of choice that you can choose to donate proceeds to! To donate, you simply go on the website's "Choose a Charity" page, enter the code found on the back of the wine bottle, and select the charity to which you would like to allocate the net proceeds of your purchase. OPACC is thrilled to be in the top 10 of their charities of choice and be receiving nearly $7 per bottle - amazing!!

The wine retails for $11.95 and you can choose between a white Torrontes and a red Cabarnet Sauvignon. Read a fact sheet with more information and reviews on the wines here. Look for it in the Argentinian wines section.

You can also show your support by liking their Facebook page, where they post announcements about our charity and their wine. They are also on Twitter.

Keep The Little Grape That Could and OPACC in mind as you purchase wine for your upcoming gatherings! If your local LCBO doesn't carry it, speak to the manager and ask for it!



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