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The Big Book of Care campaign

OPACC is proud to be involved in this important national campaign in support of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month - the Big Book of Care!

The Big Book of Care is one great, big growing story of individuals and organizations that care about children with cancer and decided to unite and work as one during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. It is a Canada-wide partnership of organizations that work to eliminate childhood cancer and support the families and children who are affected by it.

Each year in September, children’s cancer groups across North America dedicate the month to raising funds and awareness, but resources are tight and marketing efforts are isolated, resulting in little or no impact. What if there was a different way? What if children’s cancer groups across Canada could work together as one? What if we joined forces and shared our big ideas, scarce resources and bold efforts? Could we actually do more together than we could alone? Could we put the story of childhood cancer on the map for all to see and hear?

The Big Book of Care is our big, collective answer to these questions. It is our great big commitment to unite for the benefit of children with cancer. Together, we reached out and shared our ideas and our story with big, important organizations like Shaw Communications, Global TV, William Joseph Communications, Pattison Outdoor Advertising, and Sears Canada. They responded with generous in-kind support to help us share our story.

Now, with their help, we are reaching out to you.

Our hope is that you will hear the stories of childhood cancer that are unfolding in Canada right now. That every Canadian will hear these stories and that every Canadian will realize that it is within their power to help change the outcome of childhood cancer.

Our goals are straightforward and, fortunately for us, they involve you: countless community supporters and individuals taking action in the fight for children with cancer:

  • Increase awareness about childhood cancer;

  • Educate people about the disease and the many organizations across Canada helping children with cancer;

  • Inspire people to get involved and support a children’s cancer group who needs them.

Here’s 10 easy ways YOU can help this September:

1. You can follow The Big Book of Care on Facebook and Twitter

2. You can share The Big Book of Care YouTube stories

3. You can take part in an awareness or fundraising event in your community

4. You can organize your own awareness or fundraising event in your community

5. You can learn about a children’s cancer organization in your area and about how you can support them

6. You can find a children’s cancer organization and make a donation now

7. You can wear a gold ribbon in honour of the many children waging war with cancer

8. You can hug your children and tell them how much you love them

9. You can tell everyone you know to visit

10. You can brainstorm your own ideas and share it with others because at the Big Book of Care, two heads (or more) are better than one

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