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Free Education Day for families at SIOP Congress

The SIOP Congress in Toronto - the largest annual paediatric cancer meeting in the world - is hosting a free Education Day for parents and families on Wednesday, October 22nd from 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. The location will be Conference Rooms B&C at the Sheraton Centre Toronto hotel located at 123 Queen Street West.

Please note that OPACC's very own Parent Liaison, Susan Kuczynski, will be presenting during the Parents/Survivors Abstract Oral Presentations session between 3:30-5 p.m.!

Schedule: 8:30-9 a.m. Workshop #1 Invited Speaker (Chairs: Ruth Hoffman, Simon Lala) Dr. Ronald Barr, MD, Canada: The Needs of Adolescents and Young Adults (AYA) with Cancer: Are These Being Met and How? An International Perspective (20 minutes) Followed by Q&A (10 minutes)

9-10 a.m. Workshop #1 Roundtable Discussion: Access to Care Issues for Adolescent and Young Adults with Cancer

10 a.m. Coffee Break

10:30-11 a.m. Workshop #2 (Chairs: Ruth Hoffman, Simon Lala) Kenneth Dollman, South Africa & Benson Pau, Hong Kong: Pain Care Management in Children

11-12 p.m. Workshop #2 Roundtable Discussion: Pain Care Management in Children

12 p.m. Lunch Break

1-2 p.m. Workshop #3 Roundtable Discussion (Chairs: Ruth Hoffman, Carmen Auste) Carmen Auste, Philippines: Creating an International Childhood Cancer Advocacy Strategy Identifying Common Advocacy Issues

2-3 p.m. Introductions & Moderation (Chairs: Carmen Auste, Simon Lala)

Parents/Survivors Abstract Oral Presentations (15 minutes each) Sabine Karner, Austria: Nothing About You Without You! Parents and Patients Views on Clinical Trials and Biobanks. Results from the EU-FP7 ENCCA Project and Lessons for the Future

Poonam Bagai, India: Quality Care, Research and Impact (QCRI): A Key Dimension to Childhood Cancer Support and Advocacy Groups

Victoria Sardi Brown, USA: When Tragedy Inspires Hope: A Parent's Call to Action to Create and Implement a Psychosocial Standard of Care for Childhood Cancer

Followed by Q&A

3 p.m. Coffee Break

3:30-5 p.m. Introductions & Moderation (Chairs: Carmen Auste, Poonam Bagai)

Parents/Survivors Abstract Oral Presentations (20 minutes each) Susan Kuczynski, BSc Hons, ART, CMed, OPACC Parent Liaison, Canada: The OPACC Parent Intervention Group and Parent Liaison Program at the Hospital for Sick Children

Saideh Ghods, Iran: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or Opportunity

Dr. Roula Farah, MD, Lebanon: Engaging the Youth and General Public in National Awareness Campaign: The Lebanon Experience

Dr. Aziza Shad, MD, USA: The Aslan Project: Treating Childhood Cancer in Ethiopia

Followed by Q&A

Registration: In order to register for this free Education Day, please follow these instructions:

1 - Go to 2 - Click the orange "Register Now" button 3 - Click the blue "Online Registration" button 4 - Select "Educational Day only" (DO NOT check off "Parents/Survivors" or you will have to pay!) 5 - Enter your contact information, click the "Begin" button, and proceed

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