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CPAC looking for Communications Volunteers

New Call for Applications for volunteering with the Partnership

A new call for applications for Communications Volunteers is now underway to expand the Partnership’s volunteer engagement and to attract a broader group of volunteers with a personal connection to cancer from across Canada.

Communications Volunteers are needed for the following roles:

- Sharing your story as a patient/caregiver (annual report, websites, or with the media). - Becoming a social media “champion”. - Supporting the Partnership’s presence at conference booths. - Speaking at Partnership events.

How ? If you are interested in volunteering, please click below to download the application form and send it to

Application form:…/Application-for-Pa…

WHO? Patients, caregivers, family members

WHEN? March 2, 2015 Deadline to submit your application

For more information, please contact 416-915-9222 ext.5889

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