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New OPACC Lunch & Learn

OPACC's free informational "Lunch & Learn" series continues with its latest installment, "Making Decisions in Extreme Circumstances"

How do you decide when facing a life threatening situation?

You have made millions of decisions in your lifetime. Some were easy, some were difficult, but nothing can be compared to a situation where your child's life is at stake. Decision-making in a life or death situation may be extremely challenging when it is all about the most important thing in your life and your decision-making capabilities become altered by this trauma.

This one-hour workshop aims at making you realize that, although you are living an unusual and extremely difficult situation, fortunately you already have what it takes to make decisions in accordance with your values and beliefs.

Come to discover tips that will help you in the process. You will learn:

• How to clear your mind to sharpen your focus • What kind of decisions need to be made • How to create options • Who can help you during the decision-making process

Presented by Nelson Picard and Caroline Simard. Nelson and Caroline are the parents of an 11-year old boy who has been treated for a brain tumor for the last 2-1/2 years. Caroline is a lawyer and Doctor of Law, but more importantly she is committed to connecting with other parents who live with the same challenging situation. Nelson holds an MBA and helps change people’s lives everyday as a consultant, coach and trainer.

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