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OPACC receives major donation

Today OPACC was honoured to have received a very generous donation of $40,000 from Catarino House! Catarino House was a Hamilton-based charity dedicated to offering free wellness programs for children and teens with cancer or receiving palliative care. When they closed in November 2016, they chose OPACC to be the recipient charity of all of their remaining funds to help us continue our work supporting families of children with cancer throughout Ontario.

Many thanks to all of those who were able to help us celebrate this amazing gift today, including: OPACC’s Parent Liaison Susan Kuczynski and President & Chair James Thomson; Maria Catarino (Executive Director of Catarino House); Corinne Eiriksson from the Parents of Children with Cancer support group in Hamilton, who provided an important local linkage between Catarino House and OPACC; John Carvalho (a major sponsor of Catarino House) and his guests from the Carpenters’ District Council of Ontario; Jeremy Margles (a young man who donated his Bar Mitzvah money to Catarino House in order to help children with cancer and their families) and his father Stephen; Tara Lupa (OPACC parent and volunteer); and Theresa Chan (Catarino House volunteer and teen cancer survivor).

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